Adults Aged 18-24 - six hour class

Adult 6 Hour Driver Education Class

Available in-class or online:


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**In-class Adult course offered the 3rd Saturday of each month**


     In the past there have been Adult Drivers Ed Courses, but they weren’t required by law. These courses were more for helping students who had never been exposed to the laws of Texas and who needed help with simply passing the Drivers License exam. The results were more and more drivers were unprepared to handle the responsibility of driving a car. 


     Hoping to lower the number of accident and traffic violations inflicting the Texas highways and road, the State Legislature passed a new law that requires all Texas residents, age 18 through 24 applying for a first time drivers license to have completed an approved Texas Adult Drivers Education Course. This law was passed due to the rise in accidents and traffic tickets for 18 to 24 year old drivers who had not taken a Drivers Education course when compared to those drivers who had completed a Drivers Ed course.

     6 Hours of Driver Education:

   - Permit Test Preparation 

   - DMV Written Permit Test 

   - Completion Certificate Issued

   - First Step in Obtaining a License 

   - Now Mandatory as of 2010


     Approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, this course is a shortened version of the Texas Drivers Education course required for teens, ages 15 to 18. The new Texas Adult Drivers Ed course is a 6-hour course for those aged 18-24 which covers alcohol awareness, traffic laws of the state, highway signs, signals and road markings. 

     In addition, the Texas Adult Driver Education course instructs new drivers in issues commonly associated with accidents including poor decision-making, risk taking, impaired driving, distractions, speeding, use of wireless communication devices and failure to use a seat belt.  

     After completing our 18-24 Adult Driver Education Course, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion which will be required when applying for their learners permit and/or drivers license. Students who present proof of successful completion of our approved course to DPS will not be required to take the written test covering highway signs and traffic laws but will still be required to pass the driving skills examination (road test). You can now take your road test with us! Learn More

The Drivers License office (DPS) requires each applicant over the age of 18 to provide an insured vehicle to take the road test. It is a good idea for you to test using a vehicle that's easy to drive and you feel comfortable in. Prior to your test, the examiner will make a routine inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it meets the State's requirements. Remember to pre-inspect your vehicle before your Road Test. The DPS examiner will not make any exceptions to the law. If your vehicle fails inspection, you will be required to wait at least one day to schedule a "re-test". We offer the official road test and can test you many times the same day you request. No lines and no waiting for months to schedule your road test appointment at the DMV!

Our fully insured and well-maintained vehicles are available for your road test appointment for an additional fee! Simply request our vehicle at the time you schedule your appointment with us and rest assured that you will have one less thing to "stress" about.


Adult 18-24 six hour course taught in the classroom:

When: 3rd Saturday of each month

Time: 8am - 2pm

Cost: $125 cash

Completion certificates issued same day of class - NO WAITING


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