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state-approved Teen drivers ed


     Proudly serving Alvin and surrounding communities, Alvin Street-Wise Driving School has been the leading provider of professional driving instruction for teens and adults since 1999. Our program is certified by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and is designed to teach our students the skill and responsibility of driving. 

     Our driver education program consists of 32 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours of in-car training. (driving and observation). The classroom portion of drivers ed is taught in 16 class sessions that are 2 hours each in length.  Driving lessons are scheduled once the student is issued their Driving Permit and are scheduled online by the student or parent. 

     The first 3 days of classroom instruction (6 hours) are devoted to preparing students to take the written test in order to obtain their driving permit. Students are issued a study guide which contains a copy of The Texas Drivers Handbook and 184 questions that we go over in class and are very simlar to the questions you will be tested over.

     Our students enjoy a 95% "first time attempt" pass rate at the DMV. Any time AFTER 6 hours of instruction, you may take the Permit exam. The student MUST pass the written test over The Texas Drivers Handbook in order to obtain their driving permit. Once issued, students may schedule driving lessons with us and are permitted to drive with a licensed person, aged 21 or over occupying the seat next to the driver.

Driving sessions consist of a two-hour scheduled time in which the student will drive with the instructor for one hour and the second hour will be utilized observing another student driving. We offer convenient 24/7 online scheduling  for driving lessons and encourage our students to obtain additional practice outside of our school with a parent/guardian in order to master their driving skills. 


     The classroom instruction phase will meet the standards of excellence necessary to prepare students for safe driving and living. The time required for this portion is 32 hours of instruction. 

 The following topics are some of the essential elements of this course:

  •  Texas Motor Vehicle Laws
  •  Signs, signals, and road markings
  •  The driver, the passenger, the pedestrian and the consumer.
  •  Occupant protection, insurance, vehicle financing
  •  Driving procedures, strategies and preventative maintenance
  •  Physical laws, accident avoidance and state safety programs
  •  Awareness of the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs

  *All topics are taught by state-certified teaching professionals and include note-taking, video presentations, interactive discussions, and lectures. All material is followed up with testing. 


     Behind-the-Wheel instruction for each student MUST consist of a minimum of 14 hours, of which seven hours are devoted to behind-the-wheel driving and the other seven hours are devoted to in-car observation that should include discussion and note taking. All driving WILL be supervised by a state-certified, licensed instructor. All of our training vehicles have an additional brake installed on the passenger side which will allow the instructor to stop the vehicle in order to avoid any situation that may arise. 

     We operate new and late-model (automatic, 4 & 6 cylinder, four door) vehicles chosen for comfort and safety. All of our vehicles are well-maintained and carry full coverage insurance. We understand the importance of providing a learning environment that is clean, comfortable, and safe. We employ male and female instructors in order to better serve you and if you choose, you can request who you want to drive with. 

DPS Will Require the Following Documents for a Permit

  1. Application DL-14A (we provide)

  2. Driver Education Certificate DE964 (we provide)

  3. Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (V.O.E. from high school)

  4. State-issued Birth Certificate (no photocopy)

  5. Social Security Card (actual blue card)

  6. Parent, Guardian or Notarized permission forms

  7. Money for Permit

Facilities: You are invited to inspect our school and related equipment at any time!

If you have any questions, feel free to call and speak with a team member today!

Phone: 281-756-9269


driving success !