Driving school taught documents


Teen Driver Education Certificate

1. Teen Driver Education Certificate. It is a green half-sheet that says “FOR DRIVER LICENSE ONLY” across the top. It has the Classroom Completion Date and Laboratory (In-Car) Completion Date.  If you attended a Commercial Driving School,  you will have a DE-964. On the top right corner there will be a CONTROL NO. that will begin with D followed by 7 numerical digits. 


30 Hour Practice Log

2. 30 Hours Instruction Log. This is for practice time at home with any adult licensed driver (21 years and older). You may click the link that follows to print a log sheet if you need one: 30 parent log

A minimum of 10 hours practice has to be logged at night-time.

A maximum of one hour per day can be logged.


Verification of Enrollment Form - VOE

3. Verification of Enrollment. If the VOE was issued during the school year, it expires 30 days from issuance. If the VOE was issued during the last 5 days of the school year, it is valid for the entire summer. If you are 18 years of age, you will not need the VOE. If you have already graduated but are under 18, you can use your diploma instead.

Section 521.204 of the Texas Transportation Code requires students under age 18 who have not obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent to be enrolled in a public, charter, home, or private school; GED Program; or Institution of Higher Education and meet specific enrollment conditions to obtain or renew a license.

Impact teen driver certificate

Impact Texas Teen Driver Video Certificate

4. ITTD Video Certificate. You may click the link that follows to register for the video: https://impacttexasteendrivers.dps.texas.gov/

ITTD is a 2 hour video that is a prerequisite to the Road Test.

ITTD must be viewed after completion of a Teen Driver Education course.

You must register and create a login before watching the video.

After watching the 2 hour video you will print out a certificate.

The certificate expires 90 days after watching the video.

When you are registering to begin watching the video, you will need to enter the TEA number of the drivers ed program you attended, which you will look up by the name of the program.

If you attended Alvin Street-Wise Driving School the TEA number is C1485


Proof of Liability Insurance

5. Proof of Liability Insurance. If you are providing the vehicle to test in, you will need the insurance paper that you carry in your car which will look something like this.  This must be the printed paper proof of liability insurance, not a smartphone app. The student’s name does not have to be on the insurance card.


TX Learner Drivers License (Permit)

6. TX Learner Driver License.  You must provide your valid, unexpired Learner Driver License. If you are under the age of 18, you must have had your permit for at least 6 months before being allowed to take your road test 


ID or Drivers License for Parent or Guardian

7. Parent or Guardian ID or Driver License. You must provide a valid, unexpired ID or Driver License for the Parent or Guardian of the teen to be tested.  The same parent or guardian must take the teen to the DPS to obtain the license.

- You must have held your Learners Permit for 6 months and completed the Drivers Education Program. 

- All documents must be completed and signed by student and parent upon presentation.