Upcoming Class Dates for Driver Education

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Classes Designed With Busy Students In MInd

Teen Driver Education Course  

 2018 Class Schedule

After-School and Summer Classes


Start Date & Time

End Date


December 17, 2018

3:15-5:15 PM


January 31,2019

Class meets December 17,18,19th

No classes during Christas Break:

Class resumes on Jan. 10,2019


January 7,2019

3:15-5:15 PM 


January 31, 2019 

class meets

Weeks 1,2,4:Monday-Thursday

Week 3:Tuesday-Friday

(No class on Jan.21(School holiday)

February 4, 2019

3:15-5:15 PM 

February 28, 2019

class meets:

Weeks 1,2,4: Monday-Thursday

Week 3: Tuesday-Friday 

(No class on February 18, 2019)

March 4,2019

3:15-5:15 PM


March 29, 2019

class meets

Week: 1:Monday-Friday

Week 2: (NO CLASSES) Spring Break

Week 3: Monday-Saturday (class meets-Sat. 10-12 pm)

Week 4: Monday-Friday

April 1,2019

3:15-5:15 PM

April 26, 2019

class meets

Weeks 1,2,3: Monday-Thursday

Week 4: Tuesday-Friday

(NO CLASS ON APRIL 28th- school holiday)

April 29, 2019


May 23, 2019 

class meets





meet Monday-Friday for 3 weeks.

Daytime/Evening classes available




First summer class: May 28, 2019















Students enrolled in our Driver Education program are in a con-current course. This means that students will be attending the clasroom portion each scheduled day AND are also permitted to begin their behind-the-wheel driving sessions after their Learners License (Permit) has been issued to them by the DPS office.

So you don't necessarily have to complete the entire class before driving; however some elect to choose this method. It's the parent's choice as to whether or not they want their child / guardian to complete all of the classroom first.

Students become eligible to obtain their Permit after the first 3 days (6 hours) of classroom instruction! (3 days)

1. Attend the first 3 days of class (6 hours)

2. On day four, you have the option of taking the official written permit test with us or at any DPS office in Texas

3. Pass your test, get your Permit, present your Permit to our office for verification.

4. Once verified, you can schedule your first driving lesson

5. Students MUST attend class everyday for the required 2 hours (see below). Driving sessions should be scheduled for times that do not conflict with the student's prior obligations. Our drive sessions are two hours in length in which an assigned instructor will pair up two students to drive, thereby permitting the student drivers to earn one (1) hour each of driving and observation each time they complete a driving session.

6. All students are required to complete 14 hours of on-the-road instruction. Seven (7) hours actual driving and seven (7) hours observing other classmates driving.

***There will be a total of 7 driving sessions scheduled. Once the Permit has been issued, we will rotate them into the schedule. (If you need to expedite your driving sessions, you are asked to contact the school to see how we may be able to make accomodations.

***Please keep in mind that we must be fair to our students, giving each the opportunity to drive. It will be impossible to schedule all 7 sessions at once and parents are highly encouraged to play an active role in the scheduling of their student's drives.(as you are most likely more aware of any activities, family functions, after-school tutoring, etc...)

Important Note:

a) No more than 5 classes can be missed - make-ups are required 

b) Missed classes can be made up two ways: in-class at a later date OR take-home assignment

c) Students are not permitted to drive during their scheduled class time. (T.E.A. rules)

d) Cancellations for driving sessions MUST be made at least 24 hours in advance of their scheduled drive time using the student's online scheduling account (no exceptions)

A $45 late cancellation / no-show fee will be charged for all missed driving lessons.(strictly enforced)


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